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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Walking around Barcelona

      Today I'm really happy to announce my new blog that after a long time working working on it and with the help from some friends it's finally done. There are still a lot of things that we have to improve but this is the beginning.

        As this blog was basically about fashion, this new one it's going to be more about my lifestyle in Barcelona and of course a very important part of it is going to be fashion. Now I can say again that I'm a blogger and an engineer. Thank you yo much for all your support and I'll love if you could support my new blog by following it and if you would like to participate or have any advise let me know!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sex and the City

When I was young, I use to  watch Sex and the city with my mom. Watching the TV show I started dreaming with the amazing city of New York, huge closets full of amazing clothes, shopping around the city and most important, fashion. Every time I watch on of the episodes or the movies, it's an explosion of inspiration. It's a break of reality and I never get tried of them. 

Every character from the show has a unique style of life, something that makes the show very funny and interesting. I don't know exactly why this show means so much for me, but I know it has been a big influence in my life, at least in my dreams and goals. i don't know if I want to be a writer, but I know that some day I will walk around Manhattan with my Manolo Blahnik.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dolce&Gabbana S/S 2013 campaign

 Tonight I was reading some magazines when I saw the pictures from the new S/S campaign from D&G. It's amazing! I really like to colors, patterns, everything! and the pictures are also awesome, they made me feel as if I was in the beach seeing all this people having fun around me. A few minutes later I was watching the video from the fashion show and now I can't stop watching it, because every time that I repeat it I see new details and it's just amazing! That's why I decided to write about it today and share it with all of you.  

If you want to see the fashion show click HERE.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


     I don't think I could live without music. I need it on my day a day. Every time that I put my headphones on it's a small break, a moment for relax. I listen to music when I wake up, when I go for a walk or a run, while I'm working out, when I'm writing... A simple song can change my mood. It helps me to keep calm when I'm freaking out, but it also gives me a lot of energy when I'm a little bit down. How it happens? I don't know, but I know how music makes me feel and that's why I decided to write about it today. I like all kinds of music, I like to combine them. That's why I have a little bit of everything in my Ipod, and I couldn't tell you which one is my favorite style of music or song.

Here you have a few of the latest tracks & remixes I've been listening to on repeat for the past couple of weeks. I hope you like them!

PS: Let me know which are your favorite songs, I'll love to listen to all of them. I'm always looking for new music!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Central Park

This lasts months have been and are still a great experience. I've had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and now I'm working in some new projects that I hope I can show you soon! all of this and more things are the reason why I didn't have time to do new posts, but I hope that now after Christmas I'll have more time to dedicate to the blog. 

For Thanksgiving I went to New York and it has been an awsome experience, I love this city! On the nexts posts I will write about the city and all the amazings things that we did there and I will also show you some of my new projects!

Here you have some pictures that I took my last day in New York, we had a great time in Central Park!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The new advertisment from Chanel Nº 5 was presented las Monday. An advertisment that has created a lot of expectation because for the first time, this revolutionary perfum is presented by a man, Brad Pitt. (SEE MORE HERE)  

 The campaign has been very critiziced in the lasts few day. Some people said that they are very disappointed with the campaign because it has lost all the magic of the perfum that's associated with amazing women, fabulous dresses... and now has become something simple without any sophistication. But there's also people that think that this advertisment so simple is the best way to describe something that amazing. 

it seems that it's becoming a trend the use of revolutionary advertisements. During the last months we have seen Lanvin, Loewe and now Chanel. Which is going to be the next brand in use this technique?

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Fall is finally here, is time to take the camera and go outside to take some pictures from this beautiful start of the season. Everything is taking this fabulos colors of fall, red, orange, gold, brown, yellow... 

5 p.m. the light is going trough the leaves and the trees, everything is quiet, it's time to go. I'm wearing my favourite sweater, feeling less homesick, I'm sorrounded by trees,after some minutes, I start taking pictures from an apple tree that I found on the way. People is starting to prepare everything for Halloween, you can see some pumpkins in the gardens, people drinking hot chocolate... it's magical, that's the definition of fall. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


The summer is ending and it's time to start looking for new coats for the next season. Who said that they can only be in dark and "winter" colors? this season you will find coats in all the colors, so start looking for the perfect coat for you that will keep you warm during the next months. 

Here you have some ideas about what are you going to find in this news collection!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Style inspiration - Fearne Cotton

She is a famous English television and radio presenter and may I say she has amazing fashion sense. When it comes to british style she is by far my favourite. Wouldn't mind swapping wardrobes with her for sure.:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to our flight

Flying has become very common. However, back in the early 20's flying was for most of the people a terrifying experience. A very young woman from Iowa suggested that nurses could accompany the travellers, making them feel safer. The company Boeing Air Transport was excited about it and hired this young lady, Ellen Church, as the first ever known air-hostess.

Church's idea became very popular, and the number of travelers by plane started to increase exponentially. The flight attendants had to be smaller than 1.65 meters, weigh less than 53 Kg, and younger than 25 years old.

Immediately, the big brands started to invest and to create the flight attendant image that we know nowadays. Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci and Pierre Balmain were some of the pioneers.

Do you like the modern ones, or the original ones?

Here are some of the original ones:


Emilio Pucci

Delta Airlnes

Southwest Airlines

Now, let's take a look on what's out there today:



American Airlines 


Hope you enjoyed =)!


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